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Kevin McKee: Brief Bio

At a spiritual fayre in July 2012

In many ways a rebel and individual thinker, Kevin has explored many paths and belief systems, finally settling into eclectic Witchcraft.  This has since developed into an individual path using aspects of beliefs and doctrines from all over the globe.  Incorporating Sacred Geometry and Quantum Physics and mechanics.

In his early years he was a devout Catholic and even considered the priesthood, going so far as to register with the Redemptorist Order as a possible candidate.  He was also commissioned, during his time at RAU (now University of Johannesburg) as a lay minister of the Eucharist.

During his time in the armed forces of South Africa, he discovered that he was gay, and on leaving the armed forces, he “came out” to both his family and church and was met with a less than accepting reception.  Spiritually set adrift he missed the grounding of a spiritual belief system and started exploring on his own.

Investigating Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, and many other belief systems including working for the Church of Scientology. At every corner he was met with rejection and judgement regarding his sexuality until he eventually discover the study of Wicca.  Being the questioning type of person he is many High Priestesses could not handle or resp

At a Mists of Magick Moon Market

ond to his questioning and challenging nature and he therefore decided to explore further on his own. As a result of this he was largely self taught and initiated until meeting a “traditionally” trained High Priest and being initiated as High Priest of his own coven in 2011. Through many ups and downs he now runs the Circle of the Solo Moon focusing on educating and supporting solitary witches in their search for their own path. In 2005 he also qualified as a Usui Reiki Shoyo Reiki Master and teaches Usui Reiki and in 2013 he expanded his Reiki practice by including Tibetan Reiki into his repertoire.


After a ritual in 2011

His exploration of the Law of Attraction and The Shadow Process has led him to question many “old” beliefs and systems held in society and led him to challenge and question all aspects of the physical and spiritual universe he finds himself in.  Through all this he has kept a firm grip on human and spiritual experience and now does Tarot guided readings and processes, works with the Law of Attraction and Quantum Thinking to  guide his clients and students with life changing impact. In 2015 he was invited to join Inspiring South Africans Tribe: The  I.S.A. Tribe   profiles carefully selected South Africans and global players who’re all ‘doing it’ with purpose and focused on serving the People and all Living Things on the Planet!


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