Choosing a Spiritual Teacher/Healer/Consultant

Choosing a Spiritual Teacher/healer/consultantspiritual-healer

After re-reading my article Charlatans, Saints and Sinners I thought it may be a good idea to offer some tips in choosing a spiritual consultant or advisor. I would not panic if your teacher displays one or two of these characteristics, as long as your intuition is still agreeing with their teaching, these pointers are purely meant as a personal guideline, one that I use myself in my daily work and evaluation processes.

  1. Intuition: Your own intuition is the best and most perfect tool to use. If your intuition says yes then do it – this is a good general guide to life too. If you feel uncomfortable with the teachings you are receiving, research and question your teacher and go from there.
  2. Association Affiliation: Personally if someone is part of an association or organisation, I am less likely to use their services. I have found, after about 20 years in this field, that organisations in the spiritual field are no different to those in the corporate or societal field.  They have they own agendas and are all about maintaining their version of the truth and any-one who doesn’t follow their precepts is discriminated against and called dark, or evil or a charlatan. One association I attempted to join actually insisted that I redo ALL my training through them or I could not join the Association!!
  3. My Way or the Highway: If the teacher or consultant attempts to dictate to you the “correct”, “right” or “only” way they are more likely more involved in their own ego than in advancing and embracing the fluidity of the enlightened soul. As I have said in my other article, there is no ultimate truth, only the truth that works for you right now in your process.
  4. Absolute Prediction: If a reader or consultant tells you that something is absolutely going to happen, or there is no way to amend or change the outcome, they are lying…you have your own fate in your own hands and there is always a way to change, adapt and move your future. Prediction is always done as things stand at the moment. If you change your mind or do something that shifts the energies, the whole prediction can change.  I have personally done a reading for someone and 30 minutes later decided to ask the same question and the whole thing had changed because she had shifted during our conversation.
  5. Financial Considerations: If a course/reading is too cheap it may indicate that the teacher doesn’t value themselves or their subject, alternatively if it is too expensive they may be ripping you off – again refer to point 1 above to guide you here as this is a very individual process. Shop around and Google and see what others are charging, ask your current teachers and people you trust what they think.

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