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The next meditation is 24 September click here for more info

The world is going through a very tumultuous and stressful time at the moment and not least of all our own country is struggling in the midst of Zuma Must Fall, Eskom, Telkom, bad service delivery, unfair taxation, corruption, crime and various other stressful and unnerving conditions.  It is our “natural” inclination to get angry and fight these conditions. Protest, scream and shout about the unfairness of it all – this really doesn’t help and just adds to the energy of these unwanted conditions. Spend some time with us every month focusing on increasing the vibration of our country and its people, focusing on the beauty and love of average South Africans, sending love and healing to those in need and spending an hour or so doing some selfless service to the people of our country and the planet.  

Let us raise the country out of the band of low vibration we are stuck in so that we can experience the true bliss of reaching our full potential in Truth & Love. 

In his audio book Awakening the Power of a Modern God, Gregg Braden quotes scientific research that proves that raising the vibration in one area automatically raises it all around that area, and the formula he gives from this research is that all it takes is the Square Root of 1% of the targeted population to make the shift – South Africa’s population is around 54million from the last census, and the number of people needed to make this shift is 735 people – we can do this!! So technically each person can impact and raise the vibration of up to 73 469 people….don’t ever believe that you are powerless!!! 

The meditations will be held on a donation basis and, after costs, a percentage of the proceeds will go to a charity in the area – Lighting one candle in the darkness banishes the darkness – join us and light a candelabra of candles to take our country to the next level.  If you can not get to the “official” meditation you can meditate at home at the same time and link through to us …. Alternatively get a few friends together and do the same.

We encourage you to set-up your own “cells” of meditation groups in your own towns and cities.  Contact Kevin ( on ways you can do this.

Basic structure of the morning:

  • Introduction to living in love by Kevin McKee
  • Identification of specific areas that need focus
  • Breathing & ohm chanting for about 20 min
  • A focused meditation on forgiveness, sending love and raising the vibration of the country
  • The Gayatri Mantra for 30 min to project the energy into the country and the planet.
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