Embracing the Shadow

Embracing the Shadow: R4 250: Book Now!!

Stand in your own truth and light, empower yourself and those around you by clearing the blocks and inhibitions that stop you from becoming everything you can be…The Embracing the Shadow course is a life-changing experience that shifts you out of the darkness and into the full light of your being.

I would rather be whole than good – Carl Jung

It is only when we realise that both the darkness and the light is part of who we are, and we accept, acknowledge and embrace both aspects that we become whole….not great, not perfect, but the whole of who we are – filled with infinite power and strength….becoming everything we need to be to fulfill our destiny…..this is the process of Embracing the Shadow …..

Based largely on the work of Debbie Ford; Carl G Jung and my own experience and interpretation of The Shadow Process we embark on an 11 week journey to uncover the hidden talents, lessons and experiences that The Shadow can teach us, we learn how to embrace these aspects of ourselves, both “positive” and “negative” to become whole.

When you allow The Shadow to hold sway, you are not in control of life, life is in control of you. People manipulate and control you with your emotional baggage and “trigger” you to react to their demands.

Embracing The Shadow consciously places the power back in your hands and allows you to decide how you will react in a situation, rather than the knee-jerk reaction that is your Shadow taking over. Embracing the Shadow is quite simply learning to live your life consciously as opposed to unconsciously and allows you empower yourself and guide yourself along your own path.

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Course Duration

11 weeks on a Tuesday evening: 19h00 – 22h00 or Sunday morning: 09h30 – 12h30

Course Start Dates 2016

  • 9 May 2017: Tuesday evenings at Shanti Sanctury, 2 Eddy Ave, Bedfordview, 19:00 – 22:00

Course Payments

Full pre-payment is required prior to starting the course, either in a lump sum payment or 50% deposit on booking and the balance prior to the course starting. Further payment options are available on request.

Course Requirements

  • This is an entry level course so no previous experience is necessary
  • You will need to purchase Debbie Ford’s Book: The Dark Side of the Light Chasers as a reference.
  • An A4 Hardcover Book for notes, exercises etc.

Registration / Expression of Interest

Booking / Information Form: Embracing The Shadow Course

  • Kindly complete the form below in full to request additional information or book for the Embracing The Shadow Course
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