Year 1: Craft of the Wise for the Solitary Practitioner


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Earth: Magick, Meditation, Psychic Development, Circles, Spells and Rituals

CraftLogoIn this first year of study, the student is introduced to the practice of the Craft of the Wise, Wicca, and Paganism; some of the topics covered on this course include:

  • History and Background of the Craft of the Wise
  • What is The Craft?
  • The Path of the Craft
  • The Magickal Mind
  • The Wheel of the Year
  • Protection & Defensive Magick
  • Tools of the Craft
  • Energy Sensing
  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Visualisation
  • Instant Magick
  • Creating a Space of Power
  • The Magick of the Elements
  • Tools and methods of Divination
  • The Hermetic Principles
  • The Hologram
  • Magickal Laws
  • The Power of Light
  • House Cleansing
  • Excorcism
  • Moon Magick
  • Planetary Magick
  • Basics of Numerology
  • Ethics of Spellcraft
  • Basic Spell craft and Spell Construction
  • Human Energy Systems


  •  This is an entry level course so no previous experience is necessary.
  • References Works to Purchase:
    • The Inner Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak
    • The Outer Temple of Witchcraft by Christopher Penczak
    • Modern Magick: Third Edition or later by Donald Michael Kraig
  • An A4 Hardcover Book for notes, exercises etc…..

Course Duration/Time Commitment

  • One Sunday a month from 09h00 to 16h30
  • Required attendance at all 8 Sabbats
  • Optional attendance at all 13 Full Moon Esbats

Course Investment & Payment Options:

  • Option 1: Monthly Payment: R450 – Deposit of R450 to confirm
  • Option 2: Full Payment: R 5 750.00

Financial Constraints: If you really want to do the course but cannot meet the above options, feel free to contact Kevin to discuss alternatives.

Expression of Interest

Please complete the form below if you are interested in attending the course, alternatively  Email Us.

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