Craft 5: The Descent of the Goddess & The Journey of the God

This year of study is only intended for those who wish to progress to High Priestess / High Priest level and as such a strict interview process will be conducted prior to accepting the student of the course

Course Requirements

  • Craft 4 or similar. An assessment will be required before this course can be undertaken
  • References Works to Purchase
    • The Living Temple of Witchcraft Vol 1 & 2 by Christopher Penczak
  • An A4 Hardcover Book for notes, exercises etc…..

Course Duration/Time Commitment

  • One Saturday a month from 09h00 to 16h00
  • Compulsory attendance at the 8 sabbats
  • Compulsory attendance at the 13 Full Moon Esbats
  • Compulsory attendance at the 13 New Moon Esbats

Course Investment & Payment Options:

  • Option 1: Full Pre-payment R 4 500.00 due on confirmation, prior to starting the course
  • Option 2: Two Payments: R2 250.00 x 2
    • First payment due on confirmation, prior to starting the course
    • Second payment on/before lesson 6
  • Option 3: Three Payments: R 1 500.00 x 3
    • First payment due on confirmation, prior to starting the course
    • Second payment on/before lesson 3
    • Third payment on/before lesson 9

Expression of Interest

Please complete the form below if you are interested in attending the course, alternatively  Email Us or add a comment below.

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