Energetic Healing Services

What is Energy Healing / Spiritual Healing?

We are all energy – everything around us is energy. Disease and illness are caused by a blockage or incorrect flow of this energy. Spiritual healing and similar healing modalities all work on clearing these blockages and realigning the flow of the energy within us all to heal and improve peoples lives.

We are all healers and have the ability to heal ourselves and others in a loving and gentle way. All healing takes place as a result of faith. We believe that a pill can cure us and it does. We believe in a particular doctor and he/she heals us but in truth we are healing ourselves. This is why some treatments work for some people and not for others. There is no pill or procedure that can cure a disease across the board (i.e. everyone who takes/does it) Each of us is unique and has specific reasons why we have created an illness in our lives, and these reasons are what we need to handle before the disease will completely clear itself. Even taking a pill etc. will only work for a time, until we start to believe that it doesn’t work or that our bodies have become used to it – and then it loses its effectiveness.

I am not saying for one second that medication or medical procedures have no value – on the contrary they have great value and can remove the symptoms of the disease for a time to allow the person time to explore the reasons for their illness.

There are many kinds of “Alternative” healing practices out there and all of them have value. Below are a few of these modalities – this is by no mean a complete list as new treatments and modalities are being used all the time.

  • Reiki Healing: The healer is attuned to high frequency energy and channels this energy to the person, situation, etc. to be healed.
  • Pellowah Healing: The highest level of healing energy available on the planet at this time. Pellowah means Radical Shift in Consciousness.
  • Medical Healing: Many spiritual/natural healers dismiss medical healing as invasive, intrusive, and generally “not good for you”. This is not entirely true – remember everything exists for a reason, and often the “invasive”or “intrusive” methods work well. Do not dismiss medical healing – it definitely has its place.
  • Natural Healing: This system uses natural remedies and energies to encourage the body to heal itself and include homeopathy, herbalism, aromatherapy, acupuncture, nutritional healing, etc. Be careful when using natural remedies, and take note of any warnings you are given by the practitioner. Just because it is natural does not mean it cannot harm or hurt you.
  • Spiritual Healing: In this system of healing, the healer channels a high frequency of energy, which flows through the cells of the receiver’s body. The soul of the person receiving the healing will use it where it needs it most, and will often not relate to the physical but to the spiritual aspects of the situation, for example, obtain patience to deal with the illness. A healing will always take place at some level.
  • Faith Healing: As in spiritual healing, the healer channels a higher frequency of energy, but this energy is activated by the power of prayer and faith.
  • Attitudinal Healing: The healer helps the patient to heal by making changes to their attitude to disease. Often changes in attitude and forgiving yourself can have a remarkable affect on your health, particularly if the dis-ease is caused by feelings of resentment, hate, fear or other stuck emotions.
  • Magnetic Healing: The healer’s personal energy can be raised by dance, chanting, etc. and used to transmute lower frequencies of energy. As this does not use divine energy, but that of the healer, the results may not be permanent unless the patients’ own self-healing mechanisms are triggered, and can also drain the healer of energy.
  • Angel Healing: Similar to spiritual healing, but uses the power of angels to take the patient to God. The possibilities are endless.

All of the above healing practices contain valuable insights and have varying applications. None of them can be discounted and can be combined in any number of ways to heal you, others, and the world.

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