Reiki Treatments

What is Reiki Healing?

The word Reiki consists of two parts…the first, REI, is translated as Universal and refers to the Higher Spiritual Conciousness we often refer to as god, source, universe, etc. KI refers to the vital life force energy that exists all around us and within every living thing. REIKI therefor is a way of using the energy of universal light and the vital life force energy that we all posses to heal and raise vibrational conciousness. Reiki is an intelligent energy that will always work for the best outcome for the recipient – whatever that outcome may be. It works of clearing and releasing the causes of a dis-ease, not only the symptoms.


What are the benefits of a Reiki Treatment?

The benefits of reiki are listed below – remember that the effects can vary in intensity for each individual however with Reiki, a healing will always take place in some form or another:

  • Healing on all levels of the individual; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual
  • Enhanced awareness
  • Removal of energy blockages causing dis-ease
  • Promotion of deep relaxation
  • Enhancing health and well being of the individual
  • Reduction of pain and often total relief of symptoms
  • Amplified energy
  • Release of the symptoms of stress
  • Increased Creativity
  • Enhanced spiritual connection

It is important to understand that the effects of the treatment depend on the severity of the dis-ease, and the individual’s readiness to heal. The practitioner, if they are doing it properly, should not be attached to the outcome of the healing and act purely as a channel for the Reiki energy to manifest itself. As such treatments can vary between different practioners and healers.

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