Exorcism, Curse & Hex Breaking

While nowhere near as prevalent as people are lead to believe, curses and hexes can be cast by disgruntled ex partners, workers etc.  Sometimes even unwittingly by yourself.

We will do a full evaluation of the situation and help you clear and break these curses and hexes.

Exorcism is however a very different kettle of fish.  In this case, through various means, you have allowed a “demonic” entity into your auric field.  This can happen in various ways and often the “infected” person doesn’t realise it for quite a while.

Signs to watch for: While many of these signs can be put down to conventional and psychological dis-eases, on occasion they can be caused by a “demonic” entity.

  • Radical personality changes
  • Sudden onset of “bad luck”
  • A heavy, bad feeling around someone
  • excessive sexual changes, shifts and obsessions
  • Excessive depression that does not respond to conventional treatment
  • Various other milder symptoms that get worse and don’t respond to treatment.

We will do a full investigation and do what we need to do bind these entities so they can no longer harm the person infected.

An exorcism is a last resort process and not to be undertaken lightly!!!!

As this is a ritualistic process we charge for the assessment (the same as our consultations) but do not charge for the actual ritual.  There does however need to be an energy exchange, anything from a chocolate to homemade cake…whatever comes from the heart of the infected person.

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