Home & Business Cleansing & Blessing

Everywhere we go we leave an energetic trace behind and even more so in the places we spend the most time.  Often when people sell or move out of a house they leave an energetic residue behind.  Generally this is not too much of a problem, however, if there has been a murder, suicide or acrimonious divorce, lots of fighting, child abuse etc in the area, this will leave a negative residue that can affect the new inhabitants of the home.

Through a tried and tested process we clear these negative influences and bless and protect the home.

This process can also be helpful if you are battling to sell/rent your home, we can shift the negative energies holding the process back and energetically assist in the process of releasing your home to a new owner/tenant

If you are uncomfortable in your home, call us for a house cleansing.  At the very least it will raise the energy in your home and make it a more harmonious and peaceful place to be.

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