cards1An Introduction to the Tarot

For many years the tarot cards have been misrepresented as games, toys and a bit of frivolous nonsense. This is far from the truth. The cards have been in existence for hundreds of years as a repository of ancient esoteric and hidden knowledge.

They have also been used to create mystery and mahem by being used by charlatans and “gypsy’s” to “read the future”. While forteling of the future is possible using the cards they will only reveal possibilities and not definite occurances. We all have free will and can change our future as we see fit. The cards can however be used to assess the reasons for a client being in the situation they are in, what influences are prevalent in their lives, and what action they can take to correct or change the situation.

We use the tarot and other divination methods to assist our clients in assessing their lives and helping them to prepare a “Life Plan” to change the things they are unhappy with, heal the things that are causing them pain, and guiding them to reach their highest potential.

We use the following divination tools to assist us in our counselling and guidance:

  • Intuition & Counselling Skills
  • The Osho Zen Tarot/Sacred Circle Tarot/Wizards Tarot and various other oracle decks
  • The Pendulum and/or Dowsing Rods

The following General Categories of reading are given:

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