Individual Sacred Contracts Reading

2 ½ – 3 hours only R950 – book now!!

Want to know what archtypes are active in your life at the moment? Wondering what your purpose in this lifetime is? Wondering what your ideal life should be like then the Sacred Contracts Reading is for you….

Based on the work of Carolyn Myss and Peter Occhiogrosse, the reading looks at your life in three levels. The first level: The Chronos Wheel, looks at your life as it is at this moment, what archetypes are prevalent and in which areas of your life. The second level: The Kairos Wheel looks at the archetypes you can use to change and work with the archetypes highlighted in the Chronos Wheel and the third level: The Cosmic Wheel looks at you Sacred Contract for this life, the blueprint for where you should be by the end of this lifetime.

We then discuss the process to move between the wheels and get to where you are going….The reading is 2.5 – 3 hours long and is quite intense…followup sessions for clarification are available at R350 and last about 45 minutes.

Also available as a group reading for 2 – 6 people

Please note: Fyrelite Essence does not take responsibility for your decisions….we give you our opinion and advice but you are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make

To book a Reading

Call Kevin on 072 212 2376 or email


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